Bio – Erroll Reese

According to Kevin “KMac” McClendon, broadcast and business partner Erroll Reese is “one of the smartest, most connected people I know. He’s never misuses his network. Erroll uses his network to do great things—entertain people, run a successful business, and most of all, he takes care of people through supporting a wide range of charities in the Triangle and across the country.”

Erroll Reese’s journey started in rural Alabama, growing up to play college football at Alabama A&M University, alma mater of NFL great John Stallworth and member of the fabled Southwestern Athletic Conference.  After college, Erroll’s earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, launching a 25-year career in the Raleigh-Durham area as a technology executive.

Erroll is an avid supporter of youth charities and early promoter of the NC Pro Am summer tournament that brings together professional athletes and talented youth for basketball and mentoring. Through his Pro Am connections, Erroll turned a one-off substitute opportunity to host a weekend sports radio show into the unstoppable combination of sports talk, music, culture, and a rabid nationwide listener base at home, work, and barbershops across the land.

Perhaps Erroll’s greatest attribute, says KMac, is his authenticity. “Erroll is just so genuine. He can be stubborn and hard-headed, but he’s so genuine. With my military background, I don’t function well when I don’t know who’s who in the foxhole. But with Erroll, you always know where you stand, that he has your back. He makes me and everyone around him better.”

Today, you’ll find Erroll Reese in a number of places—professional arenas, college and high school gyms, and golf courses, not to mention his favorite cigar shop and barbershops around the country—as he builds the Sports Shop into a multi-media powerhouse.

What are Erroll’s favorite teams?

Oakland Raiders



Alabama A&M University

Carolina Tarheels

University of Alabama