Bio – Kevin “K-Mac” McClendon

In the words of his broadcast and business partner, Erroll Reese, Kevin “KMac” Mcclendon brings a unique blend of qualities to their joint enterprise known as the The Sports Shop.  “KMac brings the edge to our show,” says Erroll. “He’s very intelligent, with the ability to adapt to any situation, qualities that really shine on live radio. He brings a very wide spectrum of perspectives to his work—a high level of education, diverse professional background, and he’s lived all over the world. With that level of perspective, he gets a little impatient at times, and he doesn’t suffer fools. So, if you bring it to the Sports Shop, you’d better back it up.”

Like Erroll, Kevin hails from the rural Deep South—Jones County, Mississippi to be exact. Also like his esteemed partner, KMac used collegiate athletics as his ticket to bigger stages in life, playing football at the University of West Alabama. Upon graduation, Kevin launched his career as a technology executive, first with the US Army’s communications operations in Washington, DC for nearly eight years, followed by a two-decade stint in multiple leadership capacities with Verizon, based in Cary.

A strong believer in the power of education, Kevin studied managerial and executive leadership at the Rutgers Business School.

The strong interpersonal skills developed from leading dozens of direct reports during his corporate career are evident in the quick rapport and rapid-fire wit that KMac ignites with the show’s revolving door of regulars and guests. With an encyclopedic knowledge of practically every sport, every game, and every player, you’ve got to get up a lot earlier than 6 am to slip anything past Kevin.

Erroll knows that above all else—his intelligence, wit, and adaptability—Kevin’s greatest strength is his accountability.  “I’ve chosen to build this show, this business, with KMac because more than anything else, he’s dependable,” says Erroll. “Doing what we do takes a lot of work, not just three-hour shifts in the morning. There’s the show prep, for sure, and even more important, there’s the work to keep your knowledge. But you need a lot of energy for the level of community work we do, and he’s always helped with the heavy lifting and his attention to even the smallest details, the things other may let slip. We wouldn’t be here without each other, that’s for sure.”

What are KMac’s favorite sports teams?

Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves, Lakers, Alabama (Roll Tide)