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The Sports Shop ” YouTube Channel”

The Sports Shop is more than just a sports talk radio show. By design, it’s a way of life, capturing the spirit of what happens when family, friends, and acquaintances gather to talk about the big game, who’s moving to what team, and who’s getting paid. It’s families watching Thanksgiving Day NFL or Christmas NBA. It’s everyday activities—the men at the barbershop and the women at the salon, and everybody at the cigar lounge, ready talk about what unites—a love of sports—rather than what divides (almost everything else!).

The Sports Shop is one of the fastest growing and most active sports talk shows on the air today. In radio good ratings and listeners do count.  The show is fun with lots of personality, but more importantly, the sports topics and the mega sports star connections that are used every day. The show is super connected not just locally, but nationally, and that’s just part of why they have had success. It’s nice to have Duke, UNC, NCCU and NC State in your backyard.

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