The Place to Be

Monday through Friday on the morning drive, there’s just once place to be. Let’s meet up at the shop—The Sports Shop—from 6 to 9 each day on 620 AM/99.3 FM/96.5 FM The Buzz and see what Reese, KMac, and the whole gang are up to.

The Sports Shop goes where few others dare, in search of the perfect conversation with multiple mics goin’. Reese and KMac, with their morning show are preserving one of the great American pastimes, talking. Talking sports, talking smack, talking life.

You’ll hear Reese and KMac, along with a wide array of regulars and special guests, engage in real talk about real sports for real fans. And that’s not all. Be prepared for anything, as the crew stands at the ready with a playlist pulled from virtually every musical genre over the last 50 years and sound effects bringing in a range of cultural references and influences.

Here’s how the week breaks down at The Sports Shop:

Good Look/Bad Look Monday:  Each week starts with a reset show, as Reese and KMac talk about the good, the bad, and sometimes ugly from the previous weekend’s games and matches, coupled with a look ahead to the events of the week.

T-Shirt Tuesday: Each casual Tuesday marks the Millennial takeover with Candace Cooper (the first African American woman to swim competitively at UNC) and Brandon “Research” Whitted. Candace and Research engage in free-flowing conversation on a range of topics affecting Millennials and young athletes.

Hump Day: Wednesdays are special at The Sports Shop, as James Mitchell, Duke athletics chaplain and former spiritual advisor to multiple professional teams checks in to deliver an inspirational message to our listeners with the Sports Shop Timeout.

Throwback Thursday: Every Thursday, the energy ratchets up a few notches as the Sports Shop team gets ready for the weekend. Old school music (look for our go-to Earth, Wind, and Fire on the playlist!) meets cutting-edge knowledge and discussion of the business of sports at every level with regular visits from Dr. Deborah Stroman of UNC’s Center for Sports Business.

Fantastic Friday:  We go out with a bang every Friday, ready for the weekend with check-ins from around the country, courtesy of the Barbershop Network. After a week of listening to hot topics on the show, the Network is primed up and ready to contribute. Look out for comedians, in town for weekend shows in the Triangle, to stop by for a little chatter.